31 May 2009

Back to basics, let learn our ABC (2/2)

Well… Jeff… will you finally tell us which are these 7 basics?

Ok guys. For French people the 7 basics would be : Suit, Leather jacket, Coat (or a trench coat), Denims, Shirts, Cashmere pullovers and Leather shoes.

Nevertheless, I figure you guys don’t really care about pullovers and trench coats in Singapore (how strange!), so here is what could be the 7 basics of the typical Singaporean man:

1) A suit

2) Good denims (2 or 3)

3) Good shirts (2or3)

4) Nice tees (5)

5) Shorts (1or2)

6) A good pair of sneakers (I have said sneakers, not running shoes, which are only made for… running)

7) Leather shoes (one brown, one black)

Once you have all these 7 basics, chosen with taste and wisdom, you will be able to avoid most of the mistakes men usually do:

- no global coherence (basics do not match together)

- bad quality (which can also simply mean bad cuts)

- oversized clothes

- basics do not match with the colour of their skins, their hair, etc

In the coming posts, we are going to discover where to begin, and how to choose these basics!

Bien à vous,

23 May 2009

Double-UPs™ + sloops® = Style + Comfort

At first sight, I thought it was some hoax... but unfortunately not.

They call it the perfect equation in fashion. It seems they are not good at maths either.

21 May 2009

Back to basics, let learn our ABC (1/2)

Hello gentlemen,

To my mind, a good way to start this blog would be to define what we really need.

Less is more
Living in Paris, I was used to tell my friends that they only need 7 good quality clothes (basics), instead of buying 35 cheap and crappy ones. I confess that I never succeeded myself into walking the talk, but the idea is there: buy quality instead of quantity.

In the end, you could even spend less money, and definitely dress better.

The fashions change, the basics survive
Maybe have you noticed how quick fashion change from one year to the other (or maybe should you look better around you haha). Anyway, there is no need to follow the trends buying the last trendy tee that everybody has in Saint James clubs. If you buy good basics that fit you, you will already dress better than 90% of the men you cross.

Spend your money the right way
Loads of men wear Armani boxer shorts, Boss tees and LV cufflinks… and in the end only invest in a poor denim (the light blue overwhashed ones people seem to wear since they are born) … this is silly! Nobody cares about the brand of your underwear!
Moreover, quality clothes usually stay in good shape really longer than poor ones (especially true for shoes and denims), so get the best and sweap the rest!

To be continued…

Bien à vous,

19 May 2009

A dandy in Singapore

Some friends of mine often say I am a dandy when they tease me.
In common French language, this word designates a person who places particular importance upon physical appearance, refined language, and leisurely hobbies. Thus, a dandy may appear as someone plain to your eyes, but the cult of aesthetics is only the surface of it.

Contrary to what many people seem to believe, dandyism is not only a delight in clothes and material elegance. In certain aspects dandyism goes further and comes close to spirituality and stoicism.

It is rather a way of life toward personal excellence: being more attractive, but also satisfying ones passions, feeling new experiences, thinking about new concepts, learning more from everybody… even if it means to be harsh with yourself.

With this state of mind, I have created this baby blog, which I hope will give you satisfaction, and learn me new things exchanging our thoughts.

Bien à vous,